Everything I list here I have a personal connection to – I’ve used the app, listened to the podcast, taken the course, etc. Most of these resources are free or cheap – if not, I warn you in my comments because I’m good like that. Some of these might be affiliate links, but that has zero bearing on whether or not they get my seal of approval.


Money Books

I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi – Modern money classic

Profit First by Michael Michalowicz – Similar to my strategy, but different priorities

The Simple Path To Wealth by JL Collins – A good starting point

Gig Boss Money – Totally biased here, because I wrote this 🙂

The Millionaire Next Door by Stanley & Danko


Tools & Apps

Canva – intuitive online graphic app. The free version allows unlimited creations, but excludes some options.

Flodesk – Email Marketing Tool (this link gets you 50% off)


The $100 MBA Show – Love the snack-sized length
Side Hustle Show – Unusual ideas for solo enterprises
DIY Money – Great topics, thorough but not overwhelming
How To Money – Several hot money topics per 1-hour episode
Freakonomics Radio – Weekly 

Online Courses

Amy Porterfield – online marketing. Her free courses are fantastic, and her paid ones aren’t crazy “high ticket”.

People I Follow

5am Joel at BudgetsAreSexy – my favorite personal finance blog
Nick Loper at SideHustleNation
Rob Allen
Kings of Conversion newsletter – fine infotainment!


AppSumo – Deals on tools and apps for those running online businesses.

Doctor of Credit – fantastic and detailed info on bank account and credit card bonuses

What's In My Wallet

** A treat for you if you use my referral link – just email me **

All cards usually have fantastic sign-up bonuses.

Chase Ink Plus (business) – Sadly, no longer available. But Chase Ink Cash is looking really good these days.
Chase Sapphire Reserve (personal) – High annual fee that, depending on your habits, might pay for itself. Best for travelers.
Chase Freedom (personal) – no annual fee, quarterly 5x categories, great in conjunction with the Sapphire cards.
Chase Freedom Unlimited (personal) – no annual fee. 1.5x points on everything with a few bonus categories for more.
Aviator MasterCard – American Airlines, $99 annual fee waived first year if you get an application in flight. Great sign-up bonus.