Personal finance desk

Your expenses are predictable, but your income is not.

And you wear all the damn hats.

Your footloose and fancy-freelancey lifestyle sure has a lot of business to take care of, doesn’t it? Like, personal business. Personal MONEY business. 

You know what I’m talking about – that stuff you’ve been pushing to the back burner labeled “someday”, and the next thing you know, years have passed.

I want this to be your “someday” – the day you take action. Because you found someone who not only geeks out about all things personal finance, but understands the unique needs of solopreneurs first-hand.

I want you to think of me as that friend you go to with all your money questions over a cup of coffee – and it costs about the same…like 2 good cups a week.

What You Get When You Join
the 2022 Manipulate-Your-Money Crew

7 Weekly meetings on Zoom (Tuesdays @ 7pm ET, starting Nov 16)
– Everyone chimes in on that week’s topic…yes, everyone –

Accountability-Updates-Questions between Zoom chats
– Exclusive Facebook group to report progress and keep up momentum –

The financial literacy we all should have gotten in school
– Curated specifically for the needs of us solopreneurs –

Tips, Tricks & Recommendations to get more from your $$$
– Rewards programs, deals (Black Friday!) and negotiations worth your time –

PRIZE MUG for perfect attendance of all 7 Zoom sessions!
– Attend all meetings, get a cute mug…easy! –