New Years Money Resolution

Roughly half of Americans Make a Resolution About Money

Save Money On Coffee

If you’re reading this, you’re already taking the bull by the horns for 2022 with your willingness to explore all the different kinds of “savings” we keep hearing about. But what do we really need?

Money Minimalism

I know not everyone nerds out about money the way I do, and I look at it all through the lens of how it suits us solopreneurs. There is an overwhelming amount of information out there, but as a personal finance fangirl who’s been self-employed since 2003, I’ve got a damn good handle on what’s worth our time and efforts. And with inflation at 6.2%, there are definitely some moves to make.

Hot Topics For The Crash Course

  • What is an Emergency Fund? How much should I have in it?
  • Roth IRA v. Traditional IRA and what in the world to do with it
  • Sinking funds – WTF are they…and why I hate that term
  • What is a ‘high yield’ savings account, and some alternatives
  • Simple, fun ways to achieve a savings goal (first house, anyone?)
  • More than a few options for paying off consumer debt

What Do You Need?

This crash course will run 30-60 minutes on Zoom and will be interactive. I want to address your questions and circumstances right there on the spot. Can’t make it? Go ahead and email me or post your concern in my Facebook group ahead of time, and I’ll take it from there.