Got Questions?

A solopreneur is someone who is self-employed, with no employees. That doesn’t mean you don’t outsource though – that’s a smart thing!

Absolutely! on the principle that “you don’t know what you don’t know”, the information available through me and the community will be super-helpful in getting you started out on the right foot.

Hell no! Other than a membership and some fun stuff in the shop, I’m not currently planning on offering anything else. I might recommend stuff sometimes, but I’m not a fan of “high ticket” whatever, so no worries there. I used a financial planner back in 2008. Ouch. Never again, and I won’t be that person.

All things personal finance – debt, credit, savings, retirement, insurance, and even the B word (budgeting – but I’m not obsessed with it, I promise!). Bookkeeping and accounting? Some general guidance and discussion, yes, and maybe even some pretty spreadsheets because plain old lines and numbers are hard to look at, lol. 

If you are involved in network marketing/MLM, that’s a hard no.
If you’re not self-employed part or full-time, or not planning to be, you really won’t get as much from this membership as you might elsewhere.

I’m not one of those leader/coach types who pops in once a day for 10 minutes and calls it good. I’m a money nerd with a genuine dedication to financial awareness and literacy. If I don’t know the answer off the top of my head, I usually know where to find it better than the Goog. However, I’m not a 1:1 coach – it all happens in the Facebook group and on Zoom Lappy Hour; please respect that.

Nope! I know a lot of memberships have an extensive foundation course, but I just don’t think hitting you with homework and a big information dump sounds either productive or fun. And since you’re choosing to spend some of your very limited spare time learning with me, I promise to bring the fun! There are challenges with prizes, Lappy Hour on Zoom, 10-minute podcasts, stuff like that. You will learn, you will benefit, and you will not have to dedicate a ton of time to make progress 🙂

Honestly, it will be of limited value to you because a lot of information is very US-specific, like banking and investment instruments, credit bureaus, business entities and anything to do with taxes.